About WRSV

Welcome to WRSV, a Woman and Minority-Owned Inspection/Verification Company.


Loren Newman began her career in site verification inspections in 2017, with knowledge and experience of commercial and residential site inspections.   Ms. Newman grew fond of the day-to-day operations of this field and decided to branch off and start her own business, Western Region Site Verifications (WRSV).  WRSV is based in Arizona.  Ms. Newman’s vision for starting the company was to create a woman owned and operated business to deliver quality service at a competitive price.  With her human resources expertise, Ms. Newman was able to select experienced, professional, and highly motivated women to form her team.  Ms. Newman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills.



WRSV is a company dedicated to providing a real alternative to servicing special inspections and verifications. We specialize in making face-to-face contact with your clients, ensuring that your investment is sound and verifiable. WRSV is headquartered in Maricopa, Arizona and has representatives/clients throughout the western region of the United States.


WRSV has a fully-automated order acceptance and quality control process. The Field Inspectors have a limited time to accept an order, although most are accepted immediately, thus allowing WRSV to fulfill client orders within minutes of receiving them. Any orders not accepted by the assigned Field Inspectors are automatically reassigned to another inspector. Our first contact is within 24 hours and then we go through our standard inspection process to fulfill the order.


Clients: Our main focus and number one priority! A commitment to excellence means achieving a long-term partnership. The trust, respect, and loyalty of our clients is critical to WRSV. We earn and maintain these attributes by committing ourselves to our clients, developing relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and meeting/surpassing our client’s expectations. Employees: The key to our success. Our employees provide the fundamental strength, vitality, and reputation of our company. WRSV and its employees have a partnership built on trust, open and honest communication, and respect. Professionalism: Our integrity. We are committed to being good corporate citizens. We operate our business with high legal and ethical conduct. WRSV is dedicated to maintaining our credibility by having open, accurate, and timely communication with our clients.


How we pursue our mission is just as important as the mission itself! Our mission as a company is to serve the needs of financial institutions, lenders and loan servicing companies. We will be recognized as the leader in the commercial site verification and inspection business by providing excellent, consistent, well documented reports and service to our clients in a timely manner. Being reliable, dependable, and trustworthy to our clients is extremely important to us. We anticipate, understand, and meet our clients changing needs and expectations through teamwork, empowerment, and innovation.

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