We will ensure your assets are in conveyed condition and compliant.

Initial QC and Routine Inspections

Our certified field inspectors will go on-site to determine occupancy and the  condition of a property. We can schedule a meeting with the mortgagee or simply drive-by the property, provide a detailed description of the property and surrounding area, and inform our client whether the property is occupied by the mortgagee, abandoned, in disrepair or in possible violation of local ordinances.

Inspection Services:

Our inspectors ensure that the following services are performed and will provide a comprehensive inspection report:

  • Safety hazards remediated
  • Debris removal completed entirely
  • Exterior lawn services fully done
  • Interior clean to specifications

Quality Control with Attention to Detail

Photo Requirements:

When entering the property, take photos of all rooms, any caution signs posted, and any sign-in sheet signed with your name and reason for being there i.e. (QC Inspection).

We also take photos of the front, sides, rear of house and address either on the mailbox or on house.

Photos of issues and or hazards found on exterior of property such as:

  • Missing handrails 3 steps or higher need handrails
  • Broken windows unsecured doors or window on house and exterior buildings
  • Garages, sheds and storage rooms
  • Any debris or trash left in yard or around property, damaged walls, roof, fascia, and soffit. Any large holes in yard, pools, spas and or ponds uncovered.
  • Photos of lawn and landscape
  • Photos of the lock-box with code entered and of key in door knob turned. If unable to access the lock-box or get into property with key.
  • Photos showing what code were entered into the lock-box and the key in door knob.

Photos of the entire interior and any hazards such as:

  • Appliances (inside and out). Any hazards such as: broken windows, trip hazards, buckled floors, carpet tacks, lifting vinyl flooring, broken or lifted tiles, nails and screws in walls, etc.

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